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  1. L2 Aria

    http://l2aria.eu RATES EXP: 1000x SP: 1000x Adena: 1000x Party EXP: 2x Party SP: 2x Drop: 500x   BUFFS All Buffs in NPC Buff Slot 64 + 6 Buff Time: 1 Hour    ENCHANT'S Safe: +3 Max Enchant Weapon : +20 Max Enchant Armor : +20 Chance Scroll Normal: 75% +20 Chance Scroll Blessed: 75% 20 Chance Scroll Improve: 100% +20   OLYMPIADS Olympiads (NO RESTRICTIONS). New periods on each 7 days Allows to register only 1 character by computer. INFORMATIONS Server platform: Interlude Java Sub-Class: Free Noblesse: Kill Barrakiel Geodata and Pathnodes 100% Off-line Shop mode Gk Global - Npc Buffer Auto Learn Skills Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops) Classes Balanced    ITEM'S Armor's: Apella ( Aka Aria Appela Armor) Weapon's: Infinity Weapons ( Aka Aria Weapon) Custom Tattoo's 1 Fighter 1 Mage 10% Stats up Jewels Boss drop in Grand Boss   MODIFICATIONS Farm system: Custom drop areas Events Automatics   http://l2aria.eu
  2. RF Online 2? Sequel possible

    Also a new website has popped up: http://rfonline2.com/
  3. RF Online 2? Sequel possible

    It’s been a decade since RF Online came out (that stands for Rising Force Online, not anything else that could be abbreviated with those two letters), and developer CCR followed up on that first release with absolutely nothing. No further games have come out since then or been announced. But a new trademark has been filed that might just hint at the developer’s future. The trademark in question is for RF 2, which eagle-eyed observers will note is the old title with a number appended, indicating that it is some sort of derivative work intended for placement in sequential order. A sequel, if you will. Nothing has actually been announced yet, but if you have fond memories of RF Online or just like seeing what happens with trademarks, keep your eyes open.   Source: here
  4. A little guide for people that are interested in Black Desert to help with the upcoming launch. Link
  5. olla all ppl

    Hi! Welcome to the forums!
  6. Black Desert Online will launch on the 3rd of March! Not long now... Check our new trailer:    
  7. Updates

    Updated skin files. 
  8. Updates

    8 January, 2016 Successfully upgraded to Invision Power Board 4.1
  9. I was recently given permission to test the russian version of Black Desert hosted by gamenet.ru and eventhough I only had a couple hours to test, here is a brief review of my experience.     The russian version of the game didn't feel much different than the korean ones before - except of course for the language. The character creation is still as detailed and thorough as ever. I made my character, a warrior, and jumped right into the game.   As beautiful as ever         It still amazes me how a game of this size can be so gorgeous. This is unlike anything I have ever seen before in a MMO and it is breathtaking.   So despite being greeted by several NPC's willing to give me quests I decided to keep them waiting a while longer and started out my journey. I simply ran out of the village I woke up into the wild. I soon had to realize that whenever I left the road I would get easily disoriented and lost. So after a couple hours of aimlessly wandering through forests and fields, climbing rocks and hills, I decided to heed my advice and stick by the roads. Doing that I quickly passed a few encampments that were heavily guarded. As I progressed I quickly made out a cliff with what appreared to be something like a fort or castle.   Curiously I made my way in it's direction and found an old castle with several NPC's guarding off a harpie attack.         I quickly realized I was not of a high enough level and so I continued my journey, following the road that I came from. Nearly when I thought I was hopelessly lost, and a few bandit attacks later, I noticed the roads getting a bit more lively. I soon made my way into a little village brimming with life. In the center of the village stood a tall windmill that I decided to climb for a better view.         Finally on top, the view was amazing. But what was even better is, that not far away was a massive city: Calpheon. I immediately left the little village and made my way to the city. One of - if not THE most lively and massive city I have ever seen in an online game. The city was brimming with life. And despite it's immense size, the level of detail that has been put into it was amazing.         People trading, selling goods, making out foul deals in lonely corners of the city. Tables full of food, taverns, musicians, everything. Simply amazing.           I am absolutely sure I could have spent hours upon hours, maybe even days in this city and still get lost every single time without having seen it all.   What many people will be curious about is whether or not I felt any differences because of lower ping to the russian servers. The answer is: not really, or if I did, then it was barely noticable. I was somewhat surprised by this myself. But perhaps I just have a bad memory and can't accurately remember how the last korean beta played anymore to make a proper comparision.         That's about it! Have questions? Ask!
  10. Alpha test

    Indeed, this is no official forum. It is more of a fan- and news site. We're all anxiously waiting for news, me included. Rest assured, once there is new information you will find it here first.
  11. Skyforge

    Berserker Class unveiled!   Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the classes that you can unlock later in the game – the Berserker. A ruthless warrior, the Berserker knows neither fear nor pity and cannot imagine a day without a savage battle. On the battlefield, the Berserker turns into a remorseless killing machine - ripping enemies apart with their two-handed chainsword. The Berserker’s powerful attacks consume Rage. Outside of battle, they only have half their maximum level available but once engaged in a fight, damage inflicted upon or by the Berserker will cause their Rage to build and rapidly reach its limit. Only then will the Berserker be able to use their most effective abilities - inflicting massive damage on all who would oppose them.     More coverage on the official website under this link.
  12. Skyforge

    Allods Team & My.com are proud to present Skyforge -- a free-to-play AAA Sci-Fi Fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a brand new universe of gods and heroes, who use futuristic technologies to fight off incredible creatures and protect their planet against space invasions. The strongest of the heroes will take their path from a young immortal to the Great God, ascending to the climax of glory and head the Pantheon.     Learn more about Skyforge on the official website.
  13. That's right, a recent update on the official Black Desert website has announced that the game will release at the end of this year. Below a beautiful trailer from this years GSTAR convention.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtTO-2wytE0   Are you as excited as I am? Also, it is known that DAUM will also be releasing the game in the west. However, there is no information of when that will be as of yet.
  14. Thanks for the breakdown!
  15. BLESS Closed Beta 1 Review

    I was lucky enough to be able and test the first closed beta of BLESS and thought I would share my initial impressions with you in the form of a few screenshots.         Click the image for a screenshot gallery.