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  1. Hello, I'm Max.

    Hello, so this is about introducing ourself. Not sure exactly where to start but here we go.   The name is Max, I am from United Kingdom. I enjoy gaming obviously I generally play CS:GO and recently overwatch and Total War:Warhammer. I'm also experienced MMORPG Player with 10 Years + Experience. Of course I'm playing Lineage since "L1" and thing that there is possibility "L3" will came out one day is really exciting. :)   I am also an Xbox owner, my favourite games on there would happen to be Gears of war as #1 Tenchu Z,Call of Duty: World at War being favourite CoD game rest were okay but a bit of a let down, Battlefield and I enjoy Rainbow six siege. I can't list all the games I enjoy if you haven't played them I'd suggest it.   I am a fanatic when it comes to movies and tv shows such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of thrones, the walking dead, Arrow, sons of anarchy the usual stuff.   Anyway that's a short enough information about me, I'm interested if anyone else plays the same games or what your Favourite shows are and why. Cya around, Guys. Kind Regards, Max.