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  1. New Gameplay Trailer - GSTAR*2014

    Well thank heavens it's going to be true MMO, I was afraid it will be only co-op in Diablo style before... Well +1, NCSOFT!
  2. Alpha test

    Teehee, I don't think this is an official forum, betavich, you can't be recruited here  :P
  3. Black Desert Online

    Wish it wasn't completely in Korean :( Looks interesting though.
  4. Lineage eternal

    ^True. But from what I saw, Lineage Eternal looks like a luxurious "time killer" to me  :P
  5. Ehm is l3 out and where do i DL it?

      And that makes two of us! However, Im afraid it may take some time, as NCsoft will probably focus on Lineage Eternal now... What we have here is kind of hipster club where we talk about stuff that isn't even out yet  :)
  6. Updates

    This forum is just gorgeous though!  :o
  7. Hello everyone!

    ...So I'm Ikuntai, you probably remember me from C4 as immortal Raid Boss in Cruma Marshlands  :P   But seriously, Im currently living in Czech Republic and more than anything I have to say I'm super glad this site exists. I've been lurking for any news about Lineage 3 or Lineage Eternal since about year ago and this site looks like perfect lookout for my searches.   So hello everyone!   Also, as a reward for reading my introduction topic, please have this gif of cute kitty: