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  1. During the conference of the fourth quarter earnings, NCSoft released their yearly earnings of 2012 and 2013:         As you can see:   - Lineage 1 still remains as the biggest success of all time for NCSoft, its revenues reached 287 billion KRW(korean currency) in 2013, in 2012 L1 made 205 bi KRW;   - GW2 became the second source of revenue, making 123 billion KRW in 2013/   - Aion in third with 95 bi KRW in 2013;   - Blade & Soul's revenue from China are royalties and they don't put royalties in sales by games, according to the conference, royalites from B&S China were strong;   - Ertheria race hasn't helped L2, it went to the lowest yearly sales of all history of the game, 57 bi KRW.   The point is: Lineage 1, 15 years after its launch, still is the cash cow of NCSoft. By looking at those numbers, I think Lineage Eternal, the sequel to L1, can become another long term success as L1. It all depends on dow developers will make LE to have the same flavor and feeling as L1 but at the same time bringing fresh news.   For now the 3 first classes of LE look similar to other 3 classes of L1:   - Knight of LE is a new version of the Knight of L1; - Elemental archer is a new version of the elemental archer of L1; - Mage is a new version of the mage of L1;   The remaining L1 classes are: Illusioninst, Royal and Dragon Knight, and I think the other 3 classes to be announced in LE will be new versions of these 3 or at least similar to them.