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Whats up, found this forum advertised on maxcheaters. My name is Danny, I have been playing L2 for about 7 years, starting off on retail Erica-Sayha, and moving between many private servers including L2Paradise(Dreams now), L2Dreams, L2Blackbird, rpgclub empire, L2Retro and so many more theres no point in listing them all. I played as a few nicknames over the years - LiXXiT/Sinnocent/Danohavek/FEARME/Sinsation.


Anyways I haven't played Lineage 2 in a few months, actually i haven't played much of anything. BUT if Lineage 3 is ever announced and released and hopefully not with the Goddess of Destuction type gameplay then that will be the game I played for the next decade. Lineage 2 has had its days and I just can't enjoy it anymore. So, hopefully Lineage 3 is not a myth.

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