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L2 Aria

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EXP: 1000x
SP: 1000x
Adena: 1000x
Party EXP: 2x
Party SP: 2x
Drop: 500x



All Buffs in NPC
Buff Slot 64 + 6
Buff Time: 1 Hour 



Safe: +3
Max Enchant Weapon : +20
Max Enchant Armor : +20
Chance Scroll Normal: 75% +20
Chance Scroll Blessed: 75% 20
Chance Scroll Improve: 100% +20



New periods on each 7 days
Allows to register only 1 character by computer.


Server platform: Interlude Java
Sub-Class: Free
Noblesse: Kill Barrakiel
Geodata and Pathnodes 100%
Off-line Shop mode
Gk Global - Npc Buffer
Auto Learn Skills
Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops)
Classes Balanced 



Armor's: Apella ( Aka Aria Appela Armor)
Weapon's: Infinity Weapons ( Aka Aria Weapon)
Custom Tattoo's 1 Fighter 1 Mage 10% Stats up
Jewels Boss drop in Grand Boss



Farm system: Custom drop areas
Events Automatics



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